Monday, October 23, 2006

Sean Hannity Doesn't Want Dems to Vote

According to OpEd News, right wing radio/TV talkshow host, Sean Hannity, said the following:
"I don't want everybody to vote; I want well-informed people to vote. . . . You've gotta accept the fact that your vote doesn't matter anyway. So all you Democrats, stay home. So, you know, why don't you stay home on Election Day?"

In my humble opinion, who the heck does Hannity think he is telling me not to vote? Who is he to determine which people are well-informed and those who are not?

Sean Hannity is an idiot and a pin head. He also is very upset because Faux News is losing viewers by the boatload to MSNBC because people are sick and tired of their lies and political talking points. The Republican Party and their talking heads have brought us war, war dead and injured, massive layoffs in Ohio and other states, loss of funding for education, payoff to Halliburton, and the largest national debt in our nation's history.

If you really, really want to get Hannity, Rove, Bush, and the rest of the Republicans angry and upset, go out AND VOTE A STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET. I think that if the Dems won both the House and the Senate, there would be lots of upset stomachs in the Republican Party.

If you live in Ohio, make sure you have your picture ID, and vote Democratic. We cannot afford a continuation of the mess given to us by the Republicans.