Friday, October 20, 2006

Keep Working for Change

Last night there was a program on CSPAN that featured former Democratic Senator Tom Daschle and Charlie Cook, of The Cook Political Report. Daschle and Cook were appearing before a forum at the Center for American Progress.

Charlie Cook made the following points:
1.The Democrats will pick up at least three Senate seats ( Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Montana).
2.The Democrats will pick up at least 20, and possibly as many as 35 or more seats in the House of Representatives.
3.The number one concern of Americans is Iraq.

The election is 18 days away and anything can happen. However, we have to continue to talk to our friends and family about the importance of voting for change. Here in Ohio's 15th congressional district, the change starts when we vote for Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy for our Congress Member.

Have you heard how some of these Republicans are worried about the possibility of Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives? Why? Why are Republicans afraid of a strong woman like Pelosi? We need change. The male-dominated Republicans in the House have really messed up everything. It is time to change the agenda and the leadership. Pelosi and a Democratic majority will bring us fresh ideas and a needed cleansing of the scandal-laced halls of Congress.

>>Check out the title of this article from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel ---- Disillusionment with GOP Scares Lawmaker
Is Chocola kidding? Here are several excerpts from the article:

Like other endangered incumbents, Chocola has had difficult races in the past, and he's even run - and won - against Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly before. In a nearby Indiana district, Rep. Mike Sodrel and former Democratic Rep. Baron Hill are rivals for the third straight campaign in a district so divided that each man has won once.

Republican senators in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio and Montana trail by significant margins in the polls, and a fifth, in Virginia, is in a close contest, the result of public dissatisfaction with President Bush, Congress, the Iraq war and more.

In House races, Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico is perennially at the top of the Democratic target list. Rep. Jim Gerlach in the Philadelphia suburbs has won twice without ever getting more than 51 percent of the vote. An admission of adultery has helped plunged Pennsylvania Rep. Don Sherwood into difficulty. Two members of the leadership in customarily safe seats, Rep. Deborah Pryce of Ohio and John Doolittle of California, are struggling....

Hellloooooooooo, Republicans!!!! You did it to yourselves! The Republican scandals have made every American absolutely sick! Now the Republicans are wondering why people are upset with their party???!!!!! Give me a break! The GOP allowed Mark Foley to be friendly with the congressional pages by looking the other way. The GOP allowed and encouraged Tom DeLay and Bob Ney to work with Abramoff and other lobbyists to get favors and money. The GOP has looked the other way in Ohio with the coingate scandals and the millions of missing dollars at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. The GOP has allowed no bid contracts in Ohio to reward their political donors. The "family values" GOP has people like Don Sherwood, Mike Ferguson, Newt Gingrich, and others who say one thing but behave in a manner that insults all women and families. This Republican administration gave us lies about the reason for going to war in Iraq and now our kids are paying with their lives.