Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kilroy Pushes For Ethanol-Based Fuels

The Columbus Dispatch:

Congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy said yesterday that she would support incentives to make ethanolbased fuels available to more drivers and to invest more in the research and development of alternative energy sources.

Kilroy, a Democrat, said that as a Franklin County commissioner, she helped switch the county’s bus fleet to ethanol.

At a news conference with Rep. Jay Inslee, a Seattle-area Democrat and an environmentalist, Kilroy attacked opponent Rep. Deborah Pryce’s environmental credentials and said plant-based fuels could be a boon to Ohio farmers.....

Kilroy is a forward-thinking leader. Her proposals could help Ohio farmers and Ohio's economy.

Republican candidate Greg Hartmann owes money to someone. Dispatch:

Greg Hartmann, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, left the private sector owing Pepsi Cola Bottling Group a debt of $15,000, which he says he has no plans to repay because he considers it a corporate debt, a newspaper reported yesterday.

Pepsi won a $15,141 judgment against Hartmann over a 1992 contract for goods and services he signed while serving as vice president of Airline Distribution Services Inc. in San Francisco, the Dayton Daily News reported....

...Catherine Turcer, of political watchdog Ohio Citizen Action, disagreed with Hartmann’s interpretation of the case.

"Maybe he doesn’t believe he owes that money, but that’s too bad," she said. "That’s not what the court decided."

Hartmann is a former county prosecutor now serving as Hamilton County clerk of courts. He faces Democrat Jennifer L. Brunner, an election lawyer and former Franklin County Common Pleas judge, in the Nov. 7 election.

There is a real chance for change for our state and our nation. However, in order to have change we have to elect more Democrats to support a Democratic Ohio Governor and a Democratic House and Senate. If Strickland wins in Ohio, he'll need a strong Democratic legislature to get things moving. Otherwise, the Republicans will just stop everything.