Monday, October 22, 2012

Women Voters

>  Women should remember that Mitt Romney wants to take women back to an earlier time---- before women had the vote, property rights, the right to work, the right to an education, etc.


•••>>> Women voters in Ohio are holding strong in their support of President Obama. A new Qunnipiac Poll has the numbers for Ohio.


...The Quinnipiac (KWIHN'-uh-pee-ak) University/CBS News poll released Monday put the Democratic president ahead of Republican Mitt Romney 50 percent to 45. Obama led 55-40 among women and Romney 51-44 among men. Romney led independent voters 49-42 percent....

...The poll also shows Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown holding the lead over GOP Treasurer Josh Mandel, 51-42 percent....

Women are concerned about many issues, including fair pay, access to contraception, access to women's health care, support of public education (K-12), access to Pell Grants/college loans for college age children, smaller class sizes, safety/security on the job, pre-school education (Head Start), support for the middle class, ending the war in Afghanistan, etc. These are all things that President Obama has pushed for in his agenda. President Obama knows that working women want options for themselves and their children, especially in health care and education.

Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune that show what women are seeing in the candidates:

....President Barack Obama has the edge so far. He shows it in the words he chooses when discussing issues that affect women more directly than men, such as unequal pay and contraception. He also walks the talk, as when he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The candidate who will win the undecided women's vote will be able to honestly discuss inequities that face women, especially in the workplace, yet not talk down to them or only to their wombs. It's about including women as equals without pandering.....

Mitt Romney doesn't show any concern for women and has a long history of cutting out women in policy decisions, health care, and education. With the 800+ vetoes Romney made as governor of Massachusetts, many of those had to do with education, jobs, health care, equality, pay, etc. Mitt Romney closest advisors are primarily male, neo-con alumni of the last Bush administration, who are promoting more wars and tax cuts for millionaires. Romney also thinks that classrooms should have larger class sizes. Isn't it amazing that privately-educated Romney wants to create chaos and dysfunction in public schools.

As long as women hold strong against Romney and the Republican agenda to silence women's voices and rights, President Obama will be re-elected. We want to move forward with our families and our communities, and we want to do it in peace.


Gov. John Kasich, Republican of Ohio, wants to remind you where he believes women should be........