Monday, October 08, 2012

Sherrod Brown Wins Endorsement

The YoungstownVindicator has endorsed Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Despite being called a "liberal" by Josh Mandel and Republicans, the Vindicator explains what "liberal" has meant to Ohio:

....Mandel seems to think his trump card in this race is claiming that Sherrod Brown is “too liberal” for a state like Ohio. Is Brown liberal? In most matters, no doubt. 

But to the extent that liberal means standing firm against China’s rapacious trade policies, we can live with Brown’s liberalism. To the extent that he has consistently supported General Motors for the jobs it brings to this Valley, we can live with his liberalism. And to the extent that he recognizes that while the budget must be balanced, it shouldn’t be on the backs of Medicare recipients, we can live with his liberalism....

....The Vindicator endorses the re-election of Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Sen. Sherrod Brown has supported and respected the rights of workers, job safety, education, assisted veterans and their families, helped with new transportation safety laws, protected Social Security and Medicare, helped pass legislation to do away with pre-existing  conditions, worked to increase Pell grants, pushed to keep student loans at lower rates, protected women's reproductive rights, voted for equal pay for equal work, etc., etc. We need Sherrod Brown back in the Senate.