Sunday, October 07, 2012

Election Getting Closer

The Toledo Blade has endorsed the re-election of Sen. Sherrod Brown:

During his freshman term, Senator Brown has cast a number of vital votes for this state and the country. They include his support of the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, and economic stimulus legislation.

No vote was more crucial to Ohio than Mr. Brown’s advocacy in 2009 of the federal rescue of Chrysler and General Motors in the depths of the Great Recession. When private financing was not available to help the struggling U.S. automakers, the tax-subsidized bailout enabled both companies to emerge from bankruptcy.....

....Mr. Brown is the first Ohioan to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee in 40 years — a post that has allowed him to advance the state’s extensive farm interests. He has usefully promoted Ohio’s economic recovery by supporting a revival of traditional manufacturing and infrastructure investment, as well as training for workers in emerging industries such as alternative energy.....

Sen. Sherrod Brown has displayed his dedication to every Ohioan, and has worked to help those in the military, our veterans, and their families. Military families know that they can count on Sherrod Brown. Brown has worked on special programs for training returning vets.

Sen. Brown worked at keeping interest rates low on college loans, and voted for the pay equity legislation. By re-electing Sen. Sherrod Brown, we give President Obama the help he needs to get his legislation passed.

On the other hand, Republican Josh Mandel has proven that his ambition is his driving force.  Mandel's dishonesty in his campaign ads/literature/speeches, his lack of attention to his current job as Treasurer, and his willingness to allow himself to be manipulated by deep-pocketed, far right extremists, is very upsetting to a majority of Ohioans.

President Obama will be at The Ohio State University this weeek!!!!!!