Monday, October 08, 2012

Vote for Your Family, Not Millionaires

*** Can you imagine how many new jobs there would be if the President's jobs bills would have been passed? Despite Republican plot of blocking any job creation, 5.2 million jobs have been created under President Obama's administration.

President Obama will be coming to The Oval, at The Ohio State University, on Tuesday. To get a ticket, check the Barack Obama website or visit your local Obama neighborhood office. Be there!

• Mitt Romney wants to cut funds to education K-12 and higher ed to fund his tax cuts to higher income people. Under Romney you can say good-bye to Pell Grants, science research, etc. Romney feels sooooooooooooooooo bad for those poor millionaires, the so-called "job creators" that continue to NOT create jobs with their lower tax rates.

* I hope someone asks Romney his views on Planned Parenthood, birth control, and women's rights. Does he adhere to the Mormon Church organization rule that women with small children should not work outside the home? As a bishop in his church, does he continue to advocate this policy? Would he push this idea on the country as a whole?

>>> Ohio voters should not be confused about the claims made by Republican tea party pupil, Josh Mandel. When Josh Mandel was in the Ohio General Assembly, he co-sponsored 2 bills - neither of which got out of committee. Period. His legislative accomplishment claims can be summed up in one word---- mythical. When he was voting, Mandel voted to reduce women's access to birth control, against adding autism to health insurance coverage, and against making cockfighting a felony. Josh Mandel has spent more time out of the Treasurer's office than in it. Mandel's pro-cockfighting agenda and Mitt Romney's dog on the top of his car make me absolutely sick.

*** Josh Mandel still wants to privatize Social Security and supports vouchers for Medicare---

Josh Mandel supports the "Paul Ryan Budget" which AARP says would more than double out-of-pocket costs for seniors on Medicare. Mandel would repeal requirements that insurance companies refund money to us that they don't use on coverage and allow 97,000 Ohioans under the age of 26 to stay on their parents insurance. (Politico: 3/20/12, NYTimes: 3/22/12, AARP: 4/6/11,

Josh Mandel did not support the loan program President Obama introduced that saved the American auto industry----
Josh Mandel opposed the auto industry rescue package, calling Sherrod Brown's vote that saved Ohio jobs "un-American".  Mandel even said that Sherrod Brown was "responsible for Ohio jobs moving to China," a claim the Plain Dealer called "ridiculous," "dead wrong" and "audacious." (Columbus Dispatch: 5/15/12, Sun News: 8/31/12, Columbus Dispatch: 8/25/12)

-- Josh Mandel supported SB 5 and did not know how much money was in Ohio's pension funds for which he was the "custodian"  (from OhioCapital Blog on YouTube):

>>>>Here in Ohio's House District 21, voters are aware that Republican Mike Duffey supported Kasich's cuts of $2.9 billion to Ohio's schools, which means that teachers lost jobs, and made property owners pay more on property taxes.

The only help we can get in District 21 is with the election of Democrat Donna O'Connor. Donna O'Connor have promised to oppose cuts to education because it hurts our school children, our schools, our communities, and puts an unfair burden on citizens.


Jack Welch's remarks about the new lower unemployment numbers were disgusting. Shame. Jack Welch is out of touch.