Monday, October 01, 2012

Brown-Mandel Poll

* A new poll in Ohio has some numbers in the election for U.S. Senate.


A new newspaper poll shows that Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown has opened up a 10-point lead over Republican challenger Josh Mandel.

The poll published Monday by The Columbus Dispatch shows the first-term Democratic senator leading Mandel, the state treasurer, by 49 percent to 39 percent. In the first Dispatch poll Aug. 26, the two were tied at 44 percent...

Josh Mandel, a tea party Republican, has received massive contributions from PACs run by Sen. Jim DeMint, Karl Rove, Americans for (their own) Prosperity, and FreedomWorks. Ohio air waves have been hit with ads from outside groups trying to promote the far right through Mandel.

>>>> Isn't it odd that Republican Rep. Steve Stivers was talking about jobs when he has done little to create them.  The AthensNews reports that Stivers was in Athens County visiting local Republicans. Stivers and other Republicans have stated that they've passed "jobs bills" in the House of Representatives. However, just because they call these pieces of legislation "jobs bills," doesn't mean they create jobs.


..."A lot of these things are laughable in terms of a jobs plan that would produce noticeable improvements across the country in the availability of employment in the next four or five years," said Gary Burtless, a senior economist at Brookings. "Even in the long run, if they have any effect all, it would be extremely marginal, relative to the jobs deficit we currently have."

Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody's Analytics, agreed that the bills would have almost no effect on job creation in the short term, though he was slightly more optimistic about their long-term prospects....

.....Even one of the more popular bills in the mix -- a small business tax cut -- won't do much for job creation, some of the economists said. They argued that it's not that businesses need more money for hiring, but that they need a sufficient demand for their products....

What kinds of legislation has the Republican House of Representatives passed? This illustration from the Nation clearly shows where Boehner, Stivers, Cantor, and the rest of the GOP have spent their time. The Nation:

Where are the jobs, Republicans?