Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Jon Husted: Trying to Stop the Vote

The Republicans in Ohio are trying to prevent early voting on the weekend before election day. Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted continues his mission to disenfranchise minority voters by blocking their chance to vote.


Ohio's election chief on Tuesday appealed a ruling that reinstates the final three early voting days in the battleground state, calling a decision last week by a federal appeals court "an unprecedented intrusion" into how states run elections.

Secretary of State Jon Husted asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether the state Legislature or federal courts should set Ohio election laws....

,,,Obama's fellow Democrats criticized Husted for fostering voter confusion. State Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland said Husted could set uniform statewide hours on the final three days before the election if that is his goal.....

President Obama was at the Ohio State University to a large crowd of supporters, some of which went to vote immediately after the rally.

Republican Josh Mandel, a candidate for Senate from Ohio, has demonstrated his immaturity, and his inability to connect with many Ohio voters, especially middle class workers.


The Republican nominee for Ohio's U.S. Senate seat, state Treasurer Josh Mandel, expanded his criticism of the auto bailout, telling a newspaper editorial board that anyone who supported it should be "ashamed."

The remarks came during a testy meeting last month between the 35-year-old Republican and journalists from the Youngstown Vindicator to decide the paper's endorsement. Captured on video, the panel -- which included editorial page editor Dennis Mangan, editorial writer Bertram de Souza and political columnist David Skolnick -- pressed Mandel on whether he supported the auto bailout. But Mandel continually attempted to shift the discussion and tie the auto bailout to the loss of pensions for workers at Delphi, a parts supplier for General Motors....

Josh Mandel has just slapped the face of every person that supported the American auto industry, each autoworker, and those that help manufacture part for the American cars.

>>> Flip a coin!  Which Mitt Romney will show up today?
(a) the Romney that will outlaw abortions, even in case of rape or incest.
(b) the Romney that doesn't even have abortion on his agenda.

Mitt Romney has flip flopped so much it is hard to know where he stands on any issue.