Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Notes...

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown has received the endorsement of former Senator, astronaut, and American hero, John Glenn----

>>>> C-Span is due to cover the U.S. Senate debate today from Cleveland at 12:30pm today. Sen. Sherrod Brown will debate his Republican challenger.

**** I read that Republican Mike Huckabee thought Vice President Joe Biden's debate performance was over the top. Really? 

Mike Huckabee said that when he was in college he occasionally cooked squirrel in his popcorn popper ( I never take political advice from people that think cooking a squirrel qualifies them as a gourmand.

Bay Buchanan, right wing Republican, said the following about Vice President Joe Biden's debate responses,from RawStory

“I haven’t talked to a woman who’s looked at that debate and not just responded and said that was just awful and obnoxious.”

Exactly where did Buchanan interview/talk with these the restroom at Republican headquarters? Every woman I've communicated with just absolutely loved Joe Biden's answers from the debate.

+ Joe Biden believes in the rights of women to make their own gynecological decisions.
-  Paul Ryan does not. 

+ Joe Biden believes that women have the right to have equal pay for equal work.
-  Paul Ryan does not.

+ Joe Biden has supported our military and our veterans.
-  Paul Ryan does not.


The House Budget Committee, chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), has told a veterans' group it is studying a plan to save $6 billion annually in VA health care costs by cancelling enrollment of any veteran who doesn't have a service-related medical condition and is not poor.

Committee Republicans, searching for ways to curb federal deficits and rein in galloping VA costs, are targeting 1.3 million veterans who claim priority group 7 or 8 status and have access to VA care.....

This is similar to a plan by Mitt Romney to privatize veterans health care.

Romney-Ryan are just wrong for veterans, women, children, and human beings (and family pets, like Seamus, that Romney put on the roof of his car).