Sunday, October 28, 2012

GM Gives Obama Good Grades

* Which individual saved GM? Dean Reynolds of CBS News went to CEO/Chairman of GM, Dan Akerson, to find the answer. (h/t to DailyKos)

CBS News:

"Did President Obama save General Motors?" Reynolds asked.

"Without the money, without the funding, it would have been very problematic," said Akerson. "At the risk of alienating a whole lot of potential customers, I would say the Obama administration did a good job."

...On Thursday, GM announced 47,500 blue collar workers in the U.S. will each get a profit-sharing checks next month -- checks of approximately $7,000 a piece....

Public Policy has great news about Ohio for President Obama, and Sen. Sherrod Brown. See the latest PPP poll: PPP Link

>>>  Americablog has Romney's views on FEMA:

During the GOP primary debates, Romney was asked about FEMA and whether it should only be funded on a case by case basis, or whether states should take on a greater role for disaster relief rather than the federal government.

Romney’s reply? “Absolutely.”

He then went off on a rant about sending things back to the states, and “even better” to the private sector – suggesting that FEMA’s responsibilities be sent back to the states, or “even better” the private sector.....

How else would Romney pay for those tax cuts for millionaires?