Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Even Worse

* Ohioans are very upset that tea party Republican and current Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel missed the first 14 meetings of the Board of Deposit. After a lot of publicity, Josh Mandel actually attended meeting number 15! As of today, Josh Mandel has attended 7 out of 21 Board of Deposit meetings. These meetings decide how the state money would be invested, and apparently we've found out that Josh Mandel just doesn't care.

Now, it has been discovered that Republican Josh Mandel, the Ohio Treasurer, skipped out on other meetings as well.


....But it’s not just meetings of the Board of Deposit that Mandel has skipped. The Ohio state treasurer serves on an additional seven boards or commissions, according to his office’s annual report, for which Mandel’s attendance record has not been scrutinized thus far. The eight boards have met a total of 48 times since Mandel took office, and he hadn’t attended a single meeting of any of them until catching heat for skipping the Board of Deposit meetings, according to information obtained through open records requests by the liberal research group American Bridge and provided to Salon. Mandel still hasn’t attended any of the other boards’ meetings, and his seven appearances at the Board of Deposit — all since the controversy began — remain the only times he’s attended any of the meetings. In his first 14 months in office, his attendance record was zero.

In addition to the State Board of Deposit, Mandel lists as his “additional duties” the Ohio Public Facilities Commission, the Sinking Fund Commission, the Agricultural Financing Commission, Financial Planning and Supervision Commission, Mine Subsidence Underwriting Board, Ohio Student Tuition Recovery Authority, and Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board.

Since Mandel took office in January 2011, the Public Facilities Commission has held 11 meetings and Mandel has attended not one of them, sending his general counsel as a representative instead, according to minutes obtained through an open records request. The Mine Subsidence Underwriting Board has held four board meetings, and in each case Mandel sent a representative, according to minutes. The Ohio Student Tuition Recovery Authority has held three meetings since Mandel took office. Mandel’s representative, his director of revenue management, missed the first meeting and attended the latter two, according to minutes. Of the nine meetings since January 2011 of the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board, a Mandel representative has attended five board meetings and been absent for four, according to the public meeting schedule.....

What would happen to you if you failed to attend work? Would you lose your job? It is incredibly apparent that Josh Mandel cannot even handle his duties as Ohio Treasurer. How in the world does he think he should be a U.S. Senator?  Is there anyway to remove him from his current office for dereliction of his duties?  Josh Mandel has be AWOL.