Friday, October 05, 2012

Big News

*****BIG   NEWS!*****

There has been a drop in the unemployment rate 7.8% and 114,000 new jobs added.
The New York Times has the details.

If we really and truly support President Obama, we need to give him a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate. Vote for Democrats to let the President know---we've got his back!!!!

> The Sun News has endorsed the re-election of Sen. Sherrod Brown.

*Did you know that despite Mitt Romney claims on the debating stage, Romney plans to cut education? Jay Bookman of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has just some of the Romney lies from the debate:

....So I thought I’d start digging a little to get at the truth: Which man was correct. To start, I turned to Mitt Romney’s website, in which he outlines in broad detail his plans to cut federal spending. There we find two steps , published below in bold, that Romney promises to implement immediately upon taking office:

“– Send Congress a bill on Day One that cuts non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent across the board.” (Education is considered non-security discretionary spending. If we take him at his word, this is a Romney promise to immediately slash education spending across the board by 5 percent.)

– “Pass the House Republican Budget proposal, rolling back President Obama’s government expansion by capping non-security discretionary spending below 2008 levels.” (Rolling back non-security discretionary spending to the level of five years earlier would require significant cuts in education. And rather than exempt education from such cuts, House Republicans appear to target that area, particularly “education funding and grants that go to people going to college,” as Romney put it.)....

Romney will lie to the entire country just to get elected. Romney says he believes in America but has his money in the Cayman Islands, Ireland, etc.

>>>>  Will people in Connecticut vote for anti-birth control Linda McMahon? The Connecticut Mirror questions why Republican Linda McMahon won't answer questions about important issues.

>>>> Save Big Bird, Elmo, and the gang at Sesame Street---Vote for President Obama.

(Will you be able to look your child in the eyes and say that you contributed to the death of Big Bird?)