Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flippity Floppity Romney

Mitt Romney has more flip flops on every issue than anyone in modern American history. As the late Sen. Teddy Kennedy said, "Mitt Romney isn't pro-choice. He is multiple choice."

Watch this video. You might get whiplash from the flip flops on minimum wage, women's health concerns, gays in the military, education,  Social Security, Medicare, climate change, SB5 (Issue 2), etc., etc.


Mitt Romney cannot be trusted.


CBS News: 
(from 2008)

....The Romney campaign has staked its viability on winning in Michigan, and Romney is playing up his roots here in order to try to connect with voters in a way he wasn't able to do in Iowa and New Hampshire.

"My roots are deep here as you know," Romney said. "Born here. Go blue and go green — got to take care of both sides. My brother is on the board of Michigan State. Met my girlfriend here. We are still going steady and my mom and dad are buried here."

Mitt Romney likes the team up north. Would a real Buckeye fan support him?

Here is a little reminder, Buckeye fans:

> What is Romney offering women? Short answer: not much.

( + NARAL)