Monday, July 02, 2012

Power On!!!!

We were hit by a storm and a massive power outage here in central Ohio. We lost power for 48 hours, and just got the power back on a few hours ago, but thousands of families remain in the dark tonight. When you experience a loss of power like hundreds of thousands of people in Ohio did on Friday, it only further points to the fact that our infrastructure needs help.  President Obama proposed a bill to get people back to work, and repair our bridges, roads, schools, and power grid, but the Republicans blocked it.

****  Plunderbund has a great post about how Gov. John Kasich how screwed up development through the Third Frontier and his recently added regulations that threaten the Ohio wine industry.  It just doesn't look pretty.

••••  Republicans are going to have a battle on their hands when they go after the Affordable Care Act.  The Republicans are working to remove women out of cancer treatments, men from prostate screening programs, young people off their parents' insurance, and medical help for everyone.  That is a disgusting plan from the Republicans.  Since most Republicans don't care about the poor and those who are the working poor, they will do anything to take away any benefits these people could receive. 
A new poll shows that more and more people are for the Affordable Care Act (see TPM).