Saturday, July 14, 2012

What is Romney hiding?

•••••  I guess we should not hold our breath waiting for Republican Mitt Romney to release his tax records or come clean about his time at Bain.  Honesty is the best policy and apparently, the right wing media, and conservatives are defending Romney's statements  that he quit Bain in 1999.  When you continue to sign paperwork for the SEC, you are stating that you are responsible for the company's decisions.  Why doesn't Romney want to take responsibility for Bain's colossal disasters with taking over companies, and moving jobs overseas? Mitt Romney seems to feel that the fact that he is a conservative, and rich should be his only qualifications for office.  Romney has failed to realize that the public is interested in transparency, not just what he wants to tell us.

* What a surprise!  Josh Mandel's friends associated with Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS PAC are continuing to lie about Sen. Sherrod Brown's voting record. An news article in the Dayton Daily News points out the false statements in the Crossroads ad.  I guess the Crossroads PAC and Karl Rove will do anything to promote their Republican puppet, Josh Mandel.

*** After reading a few new crazy quotes from our absent Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, you have to wonder how much he is dealing in reality.  Need some examples?


Following visits to Wilmington and Chillicothe, state treasurer and Republican candidate for U.S. Senator Josh Mandel stopped in Circleville Wednesday to talk about his jobs plan and answer questions from the Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce....

"I strongly believe in transparency. I think it’s an important component to our country and our political system,” Mandel said... 

Here is my take---
- Josh Mandel is so transparent that he released the resumes of all his political hires within 2 hours of being asked.  NOT!

- Josh Mandel is so transparent that he lets the citizens of Ohio know where and when he is going to collect campaign cash 24 hours before he goes. NOT!

- Josh Mandel is so transparent that he let everyone in the state know that he was going to a payday lenders convention at the Atlantic in the Bahamas well in advance of his trip. NOT!

I could go on but you get the point.  The last thing on Josh Mandel's mind appears to be his responsibility to the people of Ohio.  He missed 14 meetings of the Board of Deposits, and his continuing absences from his elected office as Ohio Treasurer has left citizens upset.