Friday, June 29, 2012

People Really Don't Like Josh Mandel

***  The Democratic Underground has a good observation about Republican Josh Mandel:

....the really bad news for Mandel is in his own numbers. Josh’s name recognition went up 8 points since the last poll while his unfavorability rating went up 9 points. It seems the more people hear about Josh Mandel, the less they seem to like him....

It is difficult to like an elected official that has spent more time on the road campaigning for his next job than doing the job he was elected to perform.

***  In videos posted by Marc Kovac at Capitalblog, Kovac has captured some notable  information coming from Josh Mandel.

Here are a few things said by Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer and Republican candidate for Senate, in Kovac's videos:

 In video #4, Mandel says he is always "accessible" and doesn't like to have others take care of things.  Really?  Which individuals in the Treasurer's office have been doing his work while he is flying all over the country and the Bahamas to collect campaign cash????

Josh Mandel used the phrase "silent majority" in video #4, a phrase which hasn't been used since Nixon was President. Is this the best he could do???

>>>>>  Now that the Affordable Care Act has been declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, women will not lose access to cancer treatments, children can stay on the same insurance coverage that their parents have, among other benefits. 

A post at DailyKos, explains why the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is a lifesaver for many families:

Several Sundays ago, I chronicled my then-22-year-old daughter's adventure in open heart surgery, all thanks to Obamacare, which allowed her to remain on my insurance. The bottom line: We were terrified the young adult provision would be overturned. We were even more terrified that the pre-existing prohibition clause would be overturned and that the rest of her adult life would be spent in an unending scramble to obtain health care coverage. 

Today's decision put that to rest.....

Thank you, President Obama!

Starting on July 11th, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Mitch McConnell will work to take your health care benefits away and replace them with NOTHING.