Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Playing the Same Game

Republicans Mitt Romney and Josh Mandel have several things in common.  They both want to give more tax breaks to the wealthy, they both believe in outsourcing jobs, both disrespect the American worker (Romney's Bain tactics and Mandel's support of SB5/Issue 2), and both men love Paul Ryan's plan which would destroy Social Security and Medicare. There is one more area in which Romney and Mandel share something------ their campaign style.  Neither candidate has put forth a solid plan on ---

•  ending the war in Afghanistan,
•  getting jobs for returning veterans,
•  continuing the Veterans Administration's medical treatment for veterans (Romney wants to issue vouchers to veterans),
•  repairing our country's infrastructure,
•  keeping our environment clean,
•  protecting public education for all,
•  pay equity for women, etc., etc., etc.

Romney and Mandel have engaged in attacks on their respective Democratic opponents, but they refuse to say exactly what they would do.  Would Mitt Romney want to keep our troops in Afghanistan f-o-r-e-v-e-r?  Romney's military advising staff appears to be Neo-con leftovers from the administration of George W. Bush.  As you recall, they got us in a war in Iraq and sent our troops to war without the proper equipment.  We really don't want to face that again.

Josh Mandel has visited every county GOP group in Ohio, every Chamber of Commerce  lunch in Ohio, and every Tea Party gathering, while he repeats the same talking points.  Mandel's talking points have been given to him by the far right Americans for Prosperity, Republican Tea Party groups, ALEC connected groups, and other anti-labor groups. As the Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel has pretty much abandoned the office to which he was elected.

If you really believe in equality and fairness, you'll reject the Republicans and their plan to move our country back to the past.