Monday, July 30, 2012

Mandel and Romney Sinking?

••••>>>>  This just in----
Three high-placed Republican sources tell The Dispatch that longtime Republican lawmaker Steven LaTourette has decided not to run for re-election, leaving party members rushing to find a replacement in time for the Nov. 6 election.

LaTourette of Bainbridge Township near Cleveland is in his ninth term as a House member.....

...He was to face Democrat Dale Blanchard in his November race. 

Hey, Democrats!  Visit the website of Dale Blanchard and show him some support.

*  You have to see the new Facebook page for Republican Josh Mandel that commemorates his crown for his phenomenal accumulation of more "Pants on Fire" designations than any other candidate in Ohio: Josh Mandel -You can see more at .

>  Mitt Romney has already angered the British, the Palestinians, and he still has one more day to go in Poland.  Will he continue to piss off his hosts on his international tour?  Romney probably flunked a protocol preparation class, if he even took one.  When a person travels to another country, it is best to keep it simple, polite, and offer no controversial opinions. This overseas "foreign policy" tour to demonstrate Romney's diplomatic skills, has been an overwhelming disaster.  Allowing Romney in the White House would definitely be a mistake.

>  Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15) appears to be very popular among certain political donors.  Stivers, a former bank lobbyist, continues to receive big bucks from commercial bank contributors.  According to OpenSecrets, Steve Stivers has received $95,000 from bankers and bank PACs for the 2012 campaign. Open Secrets notes that in 2010, Stivers collected  $127,250 from PACs and people associated with commercial banks, and $92,150 in 2008.  Those bankers must really love Steve Stivers because he does such a great job for them.

**** Three new polls provide a little insight into Ohio.  Talking Points Memo has posted the following information:

07/23/2012 -
OH President '12 Magellan Strategies…
(Sponsored by Opportunity Ohio)
Obama 45.1%  Romney 42.6%

07/24/2012 -
OH President '12 We Ask… Obama 47.84% Romney 40.2%

07/23/2012 -
OH Senator '12 Magellan Strategies…
(Sponsored by Opportunity Ohio)
Brown 45.4% Mandel 38.2%

As you can see, the polls offer some info, but a lot of it depends on the size of the group, and the date of the poll. The presidential poll took place before Romney's disastrous trip abroad.