Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's News Includes....

* This morning's Columbus Dispatch shows that the love affair between the Dispatch, their owners, and writer,s and Gov. John Kasich continues.  If John Kasich is so wonderful, as the Dispatch states, why are his approval ratings in the toilet?

*  Penn State just vacated all of their victories from 1998 -2011 (see ESPN for details).

>>>  Republican Josh Mandel's record is under scrutiny. He has no employment ideas for our returning veterans. Ohio's middle class remembers that Josh Mandel was a strong supporter of Kasich and the GOP's SB 5/Issue 2.  Mandel's voting record when he was in the Ohio House was pretty pathetic because none of his 4 bills ever became law.  Majority has this statistic on Josh Mandel:

....Mandel has spent his career campaigning instead of getting anything done.....

....And his partisanship isn’t limited to rhetoric, either:
And records show that over four years and 654 votes, he rarely broke with his party, siding with Republicans 95 percent of the time....

Josh Mandel is just looking for something to do since his friends, fraternity brothers, and college buddies are doing his actual work in the Treasurer's office.

In case you might be interested------ This week, Josh Mandel will be spending one day this week having a fundraising breakfast with William Batchelder (another Kasich worshipper) at a private country club in northern Ohio.  Josh Mandel certainly loves attending functions at country clubs.

>>>>  Here it is July 23rd, and the Romney campaign is still looking for field directors in Ohio and other states (see LINK).

Just to add to the lack of enthusiasm for Romney......  We just got back from a 500 mile car trip and we saw exactly 1 (one) Romney bumper sticker.  However, we saw many, many Obama bumper stickers.