Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Josh Mandel losing voters?

* Republican Josh Mandel, absent Ohio Treasurer and candidate for Senate, had a gathering in Solon, Ohio, last night.  Despite lots of publicity, the Patch article states that there were ...roughly 200...  attendees. That sounds like a disappointing number.  With Mandel's campaign being propped up with millions of dollars from PACs associated with Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and right wing causes, Ohio voters appear to be losing interest in the darling of out of state right wingers.  Mandel should have spent more time working in his elected office as Ohio Treasurer instead of flying all over the country for right wing campaign receptions.

Ohio voters seem to have soured on Mitt Romney, with a 50% unfavorable rating in the state (TPM Polltracker).  Josh Mandel and Mitt Romney are pushing the same trickle down economics that has been proven ineffective. Both candidates are promoting tax cuts for the wealthy "job creators" and favored treatment for business owners.  Mandel and Romney are both against women's reproductive rights. (When will these right wing candidates stop obsessing about our ovaries, tubes, and uterus?) Romney and Mandel also were against President Obama's successful rescue of the American auto industry.

>>>>>  There continues to be lots of speculation surrounding Republican Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) as a possible vice presidential candidate for Mitt Romney. If Portman is picked, Americans would be faced with two multi-millionaires representing the Republican Party. It would help people visualize that the GOP is a party for rich, old white guys.

••••  Speaking of money-----  Why won't Mitt Romney release his tax returns?  Is he afraid to show he made millions while the rest of us lost money during the Bush recession?  How did Romney get millions and millions of dollars in his IRA? I thought there were restrictions on how much a person could put in his/her IRA.  Legitimate questions are being asked about this, and the JournalStar has them.