Monday, July 16, 2012

Retroactive Retirement???? Huh?

•••••  According to Ed Gillespie, formerly of the Bush campaign, Mitt Romney "retired retroactively" from Bain. Because of this claim by Gillespie, Romney is not responsible for anything Bain did in shipping jobs overseas.  The "retired retroactively" is the stupidest thing I've heard.  Even Bernie Madoff did not claim a retroactive retirement when he was in court! 

This claim by Gillespie prompted this from Salon:

Local man Fred Snorming called a news conference today to announce his retroactive retirement from the last three years of his life. He said he had taken a leave of absence from himself during that time and had no involvement in his day-to-day decisions, and therefore no responsibility for what may or may not have occurred then. 

Snorming says he got the idea from Mitt Romney’s senior campaign adviser Ed Gillespie.....

We should be warned of more "retroactive retirements" in the coming days.

****  I love the newest Obama ad:

What is Mitt Romney hiding that he refuses to release his income tax returns?  How much money did he make while he closed businesses here and sent them oversees?  Greed is not good, especially when it hurts people, families, and communities.


* Republican candidate for Senate, Josh Mandel, will have a rally this week, according to reports.  However, Mandel must have low expectations because the facility being used at the Solon Community Center holds just a couple of hundred people. reported that a rally held in Cincinnati last week for Josh Mandel had just 300 attendees. Are we see a lack of interest in the candidacy of Josh Mandel? Is the Mandel campaign hoping that the money from PACs and outside groups will counteract his small, on the ground campaign? 

People in Ohio are just disgusted that the Treasurer of the state has spent a majority of his week out of his office on his campaign in the state and around the country, while he continues to collect his salary and leave his office in the hands of his inexperienced political appointees.  Ohioans see a self-promoting, Republican with minimal experience in legislation, community outreach, committee work, and knowledge of the needs of Ohio's farmers, middle class workers, senior citizens, working women, and communities.  Josh Mandel has gone out to speak to the same old white people in local business groups and Republican gatherings.  He has had little experience talking with average Ohioans.  His "jobs plan" reflects his overemphasis on corporations, tax cuts for the wealthy, and his romance with the likes of deep-pocketed, right wing PACs. The most upsetting thing I see from Mandel is his real lack of understanding for women because of his views against women's reproductive freedom and his lack of support for the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), and pay equity.  Mandel has supported charter schools to the extent that he seems unable to visualize the needs of the state's public schools, which educate a majority of the children in Ohio.