Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keep Informed

••••••  If you live in 21st district for the Ohio House, you'll be interested to know that Democrat Donna O'Connor, is up against Kasich worshipper, Mike Duffey.  (Kasich even helped Duffey campaign: see pic @ ABC News.) Duffey, a Republican, voted for and supported SB5/Issue 2.  Voters in Worthington have been disgusted with Duffey's right wing moves.

* It looks like Sen. Sherrod Brown continues to get more of his campaign contributions from Ohio.  On the other hand, Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, is more popular with those out of state.

OpenSecrets  notes that 63% of Sen. Sherrod Brown's campaign contributions are from Ohio, and Mandel has only garnered 50% of his contributions from Ohioans. 

It appears the Mandel campaign is largely being funded by right wing groups/PACs, out of state individuals, instead of Ohio citizens.  Why are these outsiders pushing Josh Mandel?  

• Republican Josh Mandel's history with the payday lender companies/PACs gives hints about how he regards the industry.  In 2010, as a member of the Ohio House, Mandel sided with the payday lenders.

PlainDealer (May 16, 2010):

...Rep. Josh Mandel of Lyndhurst, this year's Republican candidate for state treasurer, sided with payday lenders by voting "no" on the loophole-closer. 

In November 2008, 64 percent of the Ohioans voting capped annual percentage rates (APRs) on payday loans at 28 percent. Of the 147 precincts in Mandel's 17th Ohio House District, 146 precincts voted "yes " to a 28 percent APR cap.... 

Josh Mandel's friendliness with payday lenders explains why they've given big time money to his campaign and why he flew to their convention in the Bahamas on Friday, March 9, 2012.   The DaytonDailyNews:

...The payday lending industry has given $170,000 this cycle to support Republican Senate hopeful Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel who is running against Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio. Brown chairs a subcommittee with some oversight of the industry. 

A Dayton Daily News analysis of campaign finance data shows about half the money Mandel raised from the industry went directly to his candidate committee and the other half to his PAC, the Mandel Senate Victory Committee. The PAC pays for Mandel fundraisers and sends money to his committee and Republican groups....

....Brown has also received donations associated with payday lenders, but significantly less than Mandel. He has raised at least $22,000 from the industry, mostly from individual employees of Ohio-based businesses. Brown did receive one $5,000 donation from Cash America International PAC, headquartered in Texas....

Josh Mandel gets his campaign contributions from people/PACS making millions of dollars from their payday lending businesses.  On the other hand, most of campaign contributions from that same industry that were sent to Sen. Sherrod Brown's campaign came from the payday lender employees making $9-$10/hour.

 >>>>  Does anyone else remember in the last campaign that Steve Stivers said he was only interested in creating jobs?  Has anyone seen any jobs created by Steve Stivers?