Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Polls

Talking Points Memo has some new polls:

06/25/2012 -
Romney Favorability (OH) Garin Hart…
(Sponsored by Priorities USA Action)
Favorable 35.0 Unfavorable 46.0

06/25/2012 -
OH President '12 Garin Hart…
(Sponsored by Priorities USA Action)
Obama 48.0 Romney 41.0

The more Ohioans learn about Mitt Romney, the more they dislike his campaign, his issues, his outsourcing of American jobs, and even his secret investments in foreign countries.

Vice President Joe Biden is speaking in front of the NAACP convention---- Biden says, he and the President see an America.....
...where women have equal pay... the same amount for health care as men...
...where our daughters have the same opportunities as our sons....

Biden said, Romney does not support these things and Romney wasn't even sure he supported the Lily Ledbetter Act.

I love Joe Biden! 

>>>>>  Sen. Sherrod Brown is reminding our veterans about a program to get our veterans back to work.  See the Morning Journal and the Benefits Page for Veterans for details.  

Republican Josh Mandel has no employment plan for our returning veterans. Mandel has forgotten them.