Thursday, July 05, 2012

Intoxicated by Power and Money

Republican Josh Mandel has been campaigning in southern and southeastern Ohio, according to an article at Ohiovotes.  These are obviously safe places for someone like Mandel who is for tax cuts for the rich and against equal pay for women.  Since Josh Mandel is unable to speak without his memorized lines, chances are Mandel's campaign will avoid anyone asking questions of the candidate.  Josh Mandel is obviously a puppet of the far right, moneyed groups that are opposed to fair and equal pay, a clean environment, job safety, and Social Security and Medicare.  The Karl Rove/Grover Norquists of the country love candidates like Mandel and Romney because they are easily manipulated and are intoxicated by power and money. Mandel and Romney enjoy the spotlight and being told what to say because they don't have to do any thinking.

The bad news for Ohioans is that Josh Mandel is the Ohio Treasurer.  I'd like to know which unqualified Mandel crony is in charge of our state's money while Mandel skips meetings, tours the Ohio countryside, and travels to fundraising receptions across the country.

The talk of the country right now is Josh Mandel's picture that has been posted on Twitter, news outlets, and blogs.

>>>>>  If Romney really believed in our country, wouldn't he invest in our companies and pay taxes to support our military? If you missed it, Vanity Fair has an article about Mitt Romney's money and where it is invested (Hint: Not in the USA).

**** Has anyone else noticed the lack of diversity in the crowds supporting Mitt Romney?  You can adjust that line from the movie the Sixth Sense to: "I see white people."