Monday, July 02, 2012

Josh Mandel is a Hypocrite

* Josh Mandel just can't seem to tell the truth whether it is through his campaign ads, or in his speeches and interviews.  Josh Mandel has had so many of his statements judged as "Pants-on-Fire" by Ohio Politifact that he may set a world's record by election day!

In the latest controversy, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican candidate for Senate, claimed that he was being hit by unprecedented attacks by outside, well-funded, political groups that support Sen. Sherrod Brown.  Here is the truth from Huffington Post:

...In fact, Mandel already has much more outside money on his side than Brown does. According to figures provided by the Brown campaign, progressive groups have put in just roughly $2 million to support him.

"Josh Mandel raises most of his money outside the state of Ohio and is only competitive in this race is because of the $9.4 million he's had spent on his behalf by secretly funded special interest groups," said Brown spokesman Justin Barasky. "For him to decry these special interests who so clearly want him in Washington to do their bidding shows there's literally nothing he won't lie about, even when it's as laughably ridiculous as this."

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Mandel has had fundraisers all over the country and even in the Bahamas, where he attended an event hosted by payday lenders....

Open Secrets proves that Mandel has had an overwhelming amount of outside money not only from outside groups (OpenSecrets: Mandel $1,936,730 vs. Sherrod Brown $48,874), but also from out of state (OpenSecrets: Mandel out of state funds=50% vs. Sherrod Brown out of state funds=37%).

*  The Affordable Care Act has provisions that help more people (coverage of young people on parental health insurance, eliminating pre-existing conditions prejudice, providing health care for the uninsured, preventive care covered, no lifetime limit on coverage, etc.) but some Republican governors want to deny their citizens access because they don't like President Obama.

Think Progress:

Shame on these Republican governors for supporting politics over the lives of human beings. 

Here in Ohio, Gov. Kasich has been dragging his feet to set up the program in the state because he hoped it would be declared unconstitutional.  An editorial in the Chillicothe Gazette even suggests that "... Ohio won't do anything right away, instead choosing to put its eggs in the Mitt Romney basket....."  Kasich quickly gets tax credits to his pals and corporate cronies, but saving people's lives has a lower priority. No wonder Kasich's approval rating is so low.

>>>> According to Columbus Gas Prices, the price for a gallon of gas has dropped dramatically to as low as $3.04/gal in central Ohio.