Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reason # 85 Not to Vote for Romney

* One of Republican Mitt Romney's plans to get the economy going is to have a "territorial tax system" which allow companies to get tax breaks to send jobs overseas.  Really?  Why should a company be allowed to have any benefits when they take jobs away from  American workers?  Why should an American company receive any reward for denying Americans opportunities to feed their families and provide a future for them?  Mitt Romney is too, too interested in outsourcing and helping his rich friends get more tax breaks. 
• • • • This just in......

President Barack Obama’s re-election team has asked a federal judge to reopen a target-rich window for all Ohioans to vote in person on the three days before Election Day. 

In a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, the Obama campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee and Ohio Democratic Party, argued that restrictions on balloting those days violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause. 

The suit, which names Secretary of State Jon Husted and Attorney General Mike DeWine as defendants, takes aim at the remnants of a Republican rewrite of state elections law.....

Yeah!!!!  We need to stop the Republicans from denying people their right to vote. Shame on Republicans. These Republicans are always trying to deny people their right to vote, right to workers rights, the right to free, public, education, the right for women to determine their own reproductive rights, etc., etc.  It is no wonder the Republican party has become the political party for old white guys.

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Endorsement announced- PlainDealer:

The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police today endorsed Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown for re-election to the United States senate.

The law enforcement group, with 25,000 active and retired members, also endorsed Ohio Supreme Court incumbents Democrat Yvette McGee Brown......

...."Senator Brown was one of our strongest allies in the fight against SB5, Issue 2," said FOP president Jay McDonald, referring to the collective bargaining law that was repealed by voters last November thanks in part to heavy opposition to it from organized labor, including Ohio's first responders....

Sen. Sherrod Brown backed the Ohio FOP, as well as teachers, firefighters, nurses, and state workers, and worked to protect their rights. Sherrod Brown is the first Ohio Democrat to receive an endorsement from the FOP since 1988.  Sherrod Brown works for all the people in Ohio (unlike his Republican opponent who doesn't even have a plan to get our veterans back to work).