Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Why do Republicans hate teachers?

* The assault on public education continues in Ohio.  With Gov. John Kasich and his right wing Republican members of the Ohio General Assembly following through on his every wish, students, teachers, and communities will be further disrupted by the massive interference in our schools.  Student performance has a lot more to do with parents and the home environment than people realize. Students must have goals and have parental support as they work toward them.


The state school board is fine-tuning parts of a model plan for evaluating teachers across Ohio, but has barely started on what promises to be the most controversial half -- measuring and using student academic performance in a teacher's rating. 

The Ohio legislature required the board to adopt a teacher evaluation plan by the end of the year as part of the state budget passed this summer. The budget bill also requires all school districts in Ohio to develop their own teacher evaluation plans by 2013, using the framework of the state plan as the base.....

......The state budget bill calls for students' academic growth to make up 50 percent of teachers' ratings. But the current draft of the evaluation plan before the board is missing details about how to do that.....

The assault on public school teachers continues as Republicans target teachers, their unions, and their work.  Do Republicans want teachers to be subservient, minimum wage, robots?  Maybe so.  It is clear that Gov. Kasich and the Ohio Republicans have no respect for the work, dedication, accomplishments, experience, and education of teachers.  Many of us who've worked in classrooms know that these Republicans would not last an hour, or even a day in some of the classrooms in which we've taught. 

Instead of focusing on creating jobs, the Ohio GOP continues to go after people like teachers, firefighters, police, nurses, and state workers, who provide the essential services to our communities.