Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Unhealthy

The Good
*President Obama will be visiting Columbus today!!!!!!!

The Bad
*Gov. John Kasich seems to have his priorities all messed up. He thinks that he was elected governor of Ohio businesses and corporations because he keeps doing everything for them.

In an article in the Examiner, Gov. Kasich was interviewed as he prepared to fly out of town.  I'd like to take issue with something that Kasich said.

"Giving business confidence they can see what the future is is the single biggest thing that can be done," Kasich said....

I have a big problem with that statement.  The governor did not mention that he had any concern for the people of Ohio---- just businesses.  Shouldn't he be more concerned about helping people and families live in a good, safe, environment where people and their contributions are appreciated? Kasich should be worried about providing a good, fair education, access to health care, and a safe work environment for Ohioans.  Instead, Kasich is flying to visit his old buddies on Wall Street.

* Do you ever wonder where Republicans get their statistics?  Do they go to an old file cabinet in someone's basement and pull out documents in a folder dated 1802 and use that information?  Is it possible that Republicans just pull some statistics out of their own a****? We must keep reminding Republicans that they might be entitled to their own opinions but they are not entitled to their own facts.

I did not watch the Republican presidential candidate debate last night because I did not want to subject myself to their idiocy.

The Unhealthy
>>>>>>>>  Do you remember State Sen. Kris Jordan?  Jordan (see story @ Plunderbund) has a new proposal that would make our air dangerous for our children.


Is there anything lower than an “F” in the commonly accepted report card letter grading system? Because even though that’s the majority of Ohio’s grade for its air as reported by the American Lung Association just last spring, Ohio State Senator, Kris Jordan (R, D19), wants to find out if we can make our kids, elderly, asthmatics and others suffer even more.

First, over a week ago, Jordan announced that he would be introducing legislation to completely repeal the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) legislation, passed in 2008.  The AEPS law does something forward looking, goodness gracious: it requires one-quarter of all electricity sales by Ohio’s utility providers to come from alternative energy sources by 2025, with half of that coming from renewable sources.....

.......Then, on Wednesday, September 7, Jordan introduced Senate Bill 216, which would repeal that renewable energy law which actually provides jobs, improves Ohioans’ health and contributes to the ever so slight improvement that, along with the “F”s, the American Lung Association’s clean air review noted for Ohio. You can read the bill, as introduced, here.....

Personally, I just don't trust or respect Kris Jordan.  Here is clearly wrong on this legislation.