Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back on Campus?

* Welcome back, OSU students. If you've just moved in at Ohio State, be sure to check out the and their links to Facebook.  To check out what is happen politically in the state, be sure to bookmark Plunderbund.  While you've been out of Columbus, Ohioans have been engaged in a huge battle against the Gov. Kasich/GOP law which is anti-firefighter, anti-teacher, anti-police officer, anti-nurse, and anti-public worker.

Election laws have changed, now that the Republicans are in charge.  Check with OSUdems and they'll tell you how to get registered to vote.

*  The redistricting map created by Ohio's Republicans has brought a lot of controversy.  DaytonDailyNews:

The new congressional map approved last week by Ohio House Republicans not only pits GOP congressmen Mike Turner and Steve Austria against each other in the new 10th District, but it also splits Montgomery County’s black community between that district and U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s 8th.

The new map cuts down into north and west Dayton, putting 41 percent of the county’s black voting age population — which votes heavily Democratic — into the district Boehner, a Republican from West Chester Twp. in Butler County, has dominated for years.

If approved by the Ohio Senate, Boehner’s new district will include Miami, Darke, Preble, Butler and part of Mercer counties — all rural or suburban and heavily Republican....

Isn't it just like Ohio's GOP to try to dilute, oppress, and mismanage minority voters? The map also tries to guarantee the long terms of office for Stivers and Tiberi by putting more Republicans into their districts.  Will Stivers and Tiberi need to go further to the right to appease their constituents?

*  Another week has passed, and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Josh Mandel, has still not released his required personal financial disclosure to the U.S. Senate. What is the problem?  What is he hiding?  Sooner or later he will need to release it, so why is he refusing to do it?Is there something he doesn't want us to know?