Monday, September 12, 2011

"Mostly False"

* Gov. John Kasich's latest claim gets batted down by Politifact.  As a matter of fact, Politifact has given a "mostly false" grade to Kasich's declaration that he has made 45,000 jobs.  Check out Politifact.

I cannot even stand to look at or listen to Kasich.  I always change the channel.

***  Ohioans are waiting for the newly drawn congressional redistricting maps.


New state legislative district lines are being drawn in Ohio, and a coalition of organizations wants to know why proposed maps have not been made available for public viewing. State leaders have until October 1 to finalize new districts for the state's 99 representatives and 33 senators.

The manager of the
Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting, a coalition of 25 organizations, Jim Slagle, says the proposed maps should be published at least two weeks prior to a vote.....

Ohio's GOP will try to render Democrats irrelevant.


*******  There are more job layoffs coming at Ohio employers. The Business-journal notes this info:

Another round of layoffs -- 90 full-time equivalent positions -- is coming this week for the hospitals operated by ValleyCare Health System, the company confirmed this morning.

"The hospitals have carefully analyzed their staffing needs to determine the appropriate adjustments across the system. Careful consideration has been given to ensure that patient care, quality, and safety are never compromised," CHS said in a written statement.

The Tennessee-based for-profit health care system operates Northside Medical Center in Youngstown, Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren and Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital in Hillside.....

They always say that the public will not be hurt.