Friday, September 16, 2011

Kasich is Still Failing

Gov. John Kasich has not been doing a good job.  All you have to do is take a brief look at a chart put out by Innovation Ohio:



(h/t Plunderbund)

That blue line represents Ohio's ever increasing unemployment rate.  While Kasich continues to appear on Fox News and lie about his successes in Ohio, more and more people are losing jobs.  Apparently his JobsOhio program is not working.  His attacks on public workers only turned more people against him.  Kasich, the Ohio GOP, and their corporate fat cats have made Ohio's job market miserable and Ohioans disgusted with his pro-corporate administration.

Meanwhile, Republican John Boehner and his "Do Nothing" House of Representatives are doing even less.  Yesterday, there was a committee hearing on how importing snakes could increase employment.  The Republicans wanted your vote, and some people voted for them.  Now we are left with a bunch of Republican country club members prancing around while they sip champagne with bankers, the Koch Brothers, and other wealthy contributors.  Shame on the whole bunch of them.

Americans want and need jobs now

Vote NO on Issue 2.