Thursday, September 22, 2011

Qualified? You decide!

In their efforts to control everything, Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio Republicans have made a dangerous mistake in the most recent appointment of Matt Schuler as the Executive Director of the Casino Control Commission for Ohio.  Why should Ohioans be concerned? 


After a months-long search for someone with regulatory experience to ride herd on Ohio’s four casinos, a state panel yesterday chose someone with none.

Matt Schuler, chief of staff for the Republican president of the Ohio Senate, was appointed executive director of the Casino Control Commission. Commission members recruited the 44-year-old Gahanna resident after having trouble enticing regulators from other states to take a similar job in Ohio.....

.....Although Schuler lacks experience in the gambling arena, he currently oversees 125 Senate employees and worked closely with lawmakers to craft casino regulations “from the very beginning,” commission Chairwoman Jo Ann Davidson said....

Schuler's lack of work experience and lack of a law background will be a welcome mat for those planning to take advantage of the gaming industry in Ohio.  In the end, Kasich settled for a right wing puppet, instead of a qualified candidate.  The people of Ohio will lose because political connections were more important than qualifications.

How does Schuler's experience in overseeing Republican staffers compare with other directors in nearby states?

Here is information on New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement Director, David L. Rebuck (

....Rebuck has served as an attorney for 23 years as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey and specializes in policy guidance and regulatory reform.  He was assigned to the Governor’s Office as a Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Christie in February 2010 and assisted in the Governor’s initiative to reinvigorate Atlantic City and participated in overseeing regulatory reform efforts as a member of Governor Christie’s Red Tape Review Group.....

....Rebuck earned a bachelor’s degree from Gettysburg College in 1974. He earned a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of Vermont in 1978, and earned his law degree from Delaware Law School of Widener University in 1986. Rebuck was Associate Dean of Student Life at Ursinus College from 1978 through 1986, and was Assistant to the President of Radford University from 1986 through 1988.

He is a member of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar.... 

Rebuck has an impressive background.

  Pennsylvania has a stellar leader in Kevin F. O'Toole.  O'Toole is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board with a biography that also highlights his work experience. 

Kevin F. O’Toole has served as the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board since June, 2009, bringing 28 years of experience to the agency’s top position....

.....Prior to joining the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Kevin was the Executive Director of the Oneida Indian Nation Gaming Commission beginning in July 1997 and was later appointed as a Commissioner in February 2007. The Oneida Indian Nation Gaming Commission provides regulatory oversight of gaming activity at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, New York. Previously, Kevin was a Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement from 1981 to 1997.

Kevin is a 1972 graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania and received his law degree in 1981 from Rutgers University.....

The Kasich administration and the Republicans are clearly setting up Schuler and the gambling commission for failure.  This reminds me of a similar situation a few years ago when the Republicans in power allowed a coin dealer to invest state money from the Bureau of Workers Compensation in coins, Beanie Babies, paintings, and other worthless trinkets.  Hundreds of millions of dollars of state money was lost.

Kasich, the Ohio GOP, and their supporters are clearly taking advantage of the people of the state.

Don't forget------

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