Friday, September 23, 2011

The Real Constituents

* Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th) wants to know what you think of President Obama's jobs plan.  However, Stivers won't let you vote on this poll unless you provide your email for his email list (to probably be used for fundraising).

Stivers has an interesting list of legislation that he has sponsored.  See if any of them actually apply to helping you.

1. H.R.1539 : Asset-Backed Market Stabilization Act of 2011
2. H.R.2214 : Debt Elimination By Tax-Deductible Contribution Act of 2011
3. H.R.2439 : Removing GSEs Charters During Receivership Act of 2011
4. H.R.2779 : To exempt inter-affiliate swaps from certain regulatory requirements put in place by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Did you notice that not one of these bills creates a job?  All of these bills sponsored by Stivers are for the benefit of his backers---- bankers, financial institutions, Wall Street traders, etc. Those of you that voted for Stivers thinking he would help get you a job must have forgotten that Stivers was a former bank lobbyist.  It appears that Stivers continues to work on legislation that protects his former bank employers and Wall Street buddies.

Those of us in Ohio's 15th congressional district shouldn't wait for Stivers to do something that will spur job growth.  Having lived in Ohio's 15th congressional district for several decades, I can truthfully say that the district is not populated with bankers, stock traders, and CEO's.  As Stivers continues to push for legislation that helps his big money supporters, real people are losing the future.

In case you are interested, Stivers has received quite a bit of campaign contributions from outside of the district.

OpenSecrets- Contributions by Geography:

Contributions by Geography

Representative Steve Stivers

Top Metro Areas

NEW YORK$27,350

I hope those people in Chicago, DC, Cleveland, Dallas, and West Palm Beach-Boca Raton are happy with Stivers since he seems to be working for them instead of us.  Stivers isn't representing the wants and needs of people in central Ohio, unless of course you just happen to be a banker.

* VOTE NO on Issue 2. *

I cannot believe I missed the following important information. 

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in free legal services from lawyers hired by an interest group that appreciated her legislative assistance. The ethically challenged congresswoman also failed to report the free legal services as gifts in her disclosure forms. It's no wonder that Rep. Schmidt has been named by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) as one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress. Click here to read CREW's full report on Rep. Schmidt.....

....Rep. Schmidt has long had close ties to Turkish American groups, despite having few voters of Turkish descent in her district. Her 2008 election opponent, David Krikorian, accused her of accepting $30,000 in "blind money" from such groups. After she beat Mr. Krikorian, two lawyers with ties to the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund (TALDF) represented Rep. Schmidt, filing a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission against Mr. Krikorian. In June 2010, Rep. Schmidt sued Mr. Krikorian for defamation, using the same lawyers, all without paying a dime. 

The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) has paid $498,587 in Rep. Schmidt's legal fees. The congresswoman claims she never knew TCA was paying, and that she intended to pay. There is conflicting information about what she and her staff knew about the payment, with one lawyer testifying that TALDF's legal services were essentially gifts. It was not until July 2010 that Rep. Schmidt even sought to set up a legal defense fund. Even the notoriously lax House Ethics Committee concluded in August 2011 that she had received an impermissible gift of services, but improbably found the congresswoman's violation accidental.....

Oh, my.