Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Are you wearing your tracking device?

Is this the future for Ohio?

To save money, some Ohio prisoners will be wearing tracking devices so that they can be let out early. 


Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation – known as HB 86 – into law June 29 that includes sweeping changes to Ohio’s correctional system in an attempt to reduce costs, recidivism and prison crowding. Effective Sept. 30, the law involves revisions to specific offenses and penalties and expansion of community corrections programs that target rehabilitation of low-level offenders and reducing recidivism. In addition, certain provisions of the law mandate GPS tracking is to be used by the courts or supervising agency to closely monitor certain higher risk offenders....

That should help us all sleep better at night. Right? Wrong!

*     *     *

*  It doesn't matter what regular people in Ohio think.  Gov. Kasich is just seeking approval of business leaders in Ohio.

London Mayor Dave Eades is opposed to a move by the administration of Gov. John Kasich to turn collection of municipal income taxes over to the State of Ohio.

He said both the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Association of Certified Public Accountants support Kasich’s effort......

Slowly, all local control is disappearing.  With Kasich pushing for consolidation of school districts, a change in when the school year starts, it appears that Kasich and his business leaders are setting up a state government run by the powerful, well-connected, wealthy corporate leaders.  The people of Ohio just don't seem to matter to Kasich and the corporate overloads.

*  Not all Ohio farmers support SB 5. 
NBC 4i:

A coalition of unionized farmers opposes Ohio's new law placing limits on public employee unions and is urging voters to overturn it on November's ballot.

The Ohio Farmers Union calls the law an unfair attack on Ohio public worker rights....

Thank you, Ohio Farmers Union!