Tuesday, September 20, 2011


*  In a poll revealed recently, it appears that Gov. John Kasich has lost the vote of Independents. Ohio State Professor Paul Beck analyzes the poll results.

....A new Columbus Dispatch poll finds central Ohio voters would prefer former governor Ted Strickland to Gov. John Kasich by 14 points, 49 to 35 percent.

What's most ominous for Kasich is that Independents want a do-over election, reported ONN's Jim Heath.

"The fact that Independents are swinging away from Kasich by a margin of 3 to 1 should be very troubling," said Beck....

I also wonder how many members of the groups have been targeted by Kasich have changed their opinions of the Republican governor.  Those firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and state workers who've previously voted Republicans won't vote that way again after this SB 5 legislation.

****  OMG!  Finally, after over 120 of being late in reporting his financial disclosure, Republican Josh Mandel's campaign explains why his required report is late.  According to the Dispatch, Mandel's wife holdings, and wealth had to be assessed and summarized. However, Mandel is still 120 days in telling us that information.  What other data is he keeping from us?

>>>  Plunderbund has an incredible post about the letter written by Dr. Shreffler, the Southeast Local Schools Superintendent, and Kasich's claim that "....we are at war with these people...." in referring to public employees.