Thursday, September 08, 2011

Pass the American Jobs Bill!

* It is time to pass President Obama's American Jobs Bill.  We need to get people back to work now, and as the President said, we cannot wait 14 months.

Call/email you Representative and Senators and let them know you want that American Jobs Bill passed and signed into law.


*  I wonder if there will be a new TV show called, "Are you smarter than a Texas governor?"  Considering Gov. Rick Perry's college grades, he certainly isn't a person I'd turn to for advice on science or history.

Crooks and Liars:

CrooksandLiars reminds readers that Perry's transcripts are available online, and points to information that shows the truth about real pollution in Texas.

*      *      *
*  What do you know?  Gov. John Kasich has appointed another person to his JobsOhio panel.

A Jackson County businessman became the ninth member of JobsOhio board of directors.  Governor John Kasich appointed Lawrence Kidd to the new private, non-profit organization tasked with bringing jobs to the state.  

Kidd is the Chief Executive Officer of Reliable Staffing Services and RSS Professional, LLC in Jackson.....

Lawrence "Larry" Kidd contribute $2200 to the Kasich-Taylor campaign, according to records at the campaign finance website of the Ohio Secretary of State.

*      *      *
>>>>>  Republican Rep. Joe Walsh probably won't get elected "father of the year" anytime soon.


Congressman Joe Walsh wants his ex-wife sanctioned in connection with his child support case. 

The McHenry County Republican filed the motion just days after The Chicago Sun-Times reported he allegedly owes more than $100,000 in back child support. 

The congressman's lawyers are seeking sanctions against Laura Walsh, claiming that she has not provided them with her salary records, bank statements and tax returns.....

He owes over $100,000 in child support!!!!!!??????  OMG!