Friday, September 16, 2011


*  Those of us that live in Ohio have learned a lot about Gov. John Kasich and his values.  If he expresses an opinion about someone/something, a majority of Ohioans usually think the opposite.


With Texas Governor Rick Perry stumbling on the campaign trail and in his first two debates, some prominent Republicans are again voicing hopes that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will enter the presidential contest. At a meeting with Bloomberg View editors this week, Ohio Governor John Kasich said he'd like to see Christie in the race. "He has a certain magic about him," Kasich said......

I would never, ever use the word "magic" to describe Republican Chris Christie.  There is another five letter word that I'd use -------  bully.  Both Christie and Kasich are bullies and they've demonstrated that by picking on middle class workers like firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and public employees.

****  If you missed the Ed Show on MSNBC-TV last night, you can catch part of it here:

We should thank Ed for highlighting the struggle of middle class workers in Ohio.
*   *  The Brent Spence Bridge that links Ohio and Kentucky has been getting a lot of attention since President Obama held it up as an example of infrastructure repair work that could create jobs.  While John Boehner and the Republicans sit on their hands and do nothing, the bridge's problems only get worse.