Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Republicans Employing Actors

We Are Ohio has a new ad up and it is a good one.

WeAreOhio's Loophole ad

Do you know how many real police officers support the Republicans/Koch Brothers/SB 5 legislation?  Zero.  I know you are not surprised consider what John Kasich said about the police.


Since Gov. John Kasich has not endeared himself to the police officers in the state, the Republicans supporting SB 5 could not find one police officer to represent himself/herself in an ad.  Those for SB 5 had to hire an actor.

If you recall, last year the Kasich for governor campaign hired a fake construction worker for an ad.
DaytonDailyNews (10/7/2010):

.....The Kasich campaign hired actor to star in the 30-second commercial that blames Gov. Ted Strickland for Ohio losing 400,000 jobs since the Democrat took office....

.....The Ohio Democratic Party and United Steelworkers are saying that the Kasich camp had to pay an actor to criticize Strickland because they couldn’t find a real worker to do so. Using a paid actor - who they identified as Chip Redden - is disingenuous and deceptive, they charge....

The Ohio Republicans were forced to hire an actor again.  An actor played a police officer. 

Vote NO on Issue 2.