Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kasich Still Unpopular

*  The Toledo Blade has the latest Quinnipiac Poll:

The latest Quinnipiac Poll revealed a 13-point gap between support and opposition for Senate Bill 5, down from a 24-point gap in late July. Fifty-one percent of registered voters questioned said they’d vote to kill the law while 38 percent said they want to keep it.....

...Just 40 percent of registered voters give the Republican governor a thumbs-up, while 49 percent turn thumbs down.....

...By a margin of 56 percent to 32 percent, voters reject the idea of leasing the toll road across northern Ohio to a private entity....

Imagine that you've worked for 25 years as a fire fighter, police officer, teacher, nurse, or a public employee.  Under SB 5, and John Kasich, when staff cuts are made, those of you with many years of experience could be fired before the newbie.  Kasich, the Republicans, and SB 5 would do away with seniority in pay increases and in job protection.  If you've done a great job over the years, have glowing evaluations from supervisors and colleagues, a department head/superintendent could still fire you, under SB 5.

Vote NO on Issue 2.

* Did you see this in the Toledo Blade:

State Treasurer Josh Mandel's campaign said Friday it expects to file sometime in October a federal personal financial disclosure form that was due May 15.

...Mandel campaign spokesman Joe Aquilino said there are certain spousal assets that are required to be listed on the federal report that were never required on the state report.

"Our staff is working with the Senate compliance staff to determine which of those spousal assets must be filed and in what format," Mr. Aquilino said. "Our staff has been working with their staff since the spring, and they've been very cooperative and helpful as we work to compile a full and accurate report......"

The article indicates that Mandel never asked for an extension for filing his report.  What a bunch of hooey!  Are members of the Mandel campaign unable to read and comprehend the paperwork for a candidate for U.S. Senate????  Are you telling me they are ill-equipped to fill out a nine page form?  If you'd like to see the form that Josh Mandel has yet to file, follow this link:  http://tinyurl.com/68d4jnu

Mandel very famously released the wages of the public employees in the state of Ohio (except for his few buddies), but he has refused to show his own finances, as required.  This  shows his arrogance and his own disdain for public employees. 

Vote NO on Issue 2.