Thursday, September 22, 2011

More political news......

*    Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate for Massachusetts, is speaking some common sense about the debt, tax cuts, and how we got in this mess.


Elizabeth Warren is the woman that the Senate Republicans feared.  Now she is running for Senate against Scott Brown, Republican Tea Party favorite. Visit her website at to find out more about her campaign.

I really like her comments about how our tax dollars created the roads and support system that allowed businesses to grow and make profits.  Ohioans paid for the prisons in our state and the Ohio Turnpike.  Now Gov. Kasich wants to sell them off to some private businesses.  Shouldn't the people of Ohio that paid for these buildings, roads, and assets have some voice in this?

*  The good people over at DailyKos have some interesting insight into Ohio's elections and candidates:

OH-Sen: Republican state Treasurer Josh Mandel must be the first married guy to ever run for Senate, because he's claiming that figuring out his wife's assets is the reason why he's 128 days late (and counting) in filing his required financial disclosure forms. More likely he's trying to figure out how to elide his spouse's considerable wealth — Ilana Shafran Mandel is a member of the prominent Ratner real estate developer clan, which has donated over $1 million to campaigns over the last decade....


OH-03, OH-06, OH-07, OH-16: OH-06, ex-Rep. Charlie Wilson looks like he's getting close to a bid. Wilson, a victim of last year's red storm, said last week that he was considering a rematch against GOPer Bill Johnson, but now he tells Shira that he's "right on the verge" of putting together a campaign staff. He may be trying to get ahead of fellow ex-Rep. John Boccieri, who also expressed an interest in the 6th CD but is also weighing a repeat battle with Jim Renacci, the guy who defeated him, in the new 16th, or a run against another freshman Republican, Bob Gibbs in the new 7th.

But this is also complicated by the fact that yet another Democrat defeated in 2010, Zack Space, is also thinking about a comeback. Gibbs is the guy who defeated Space, so that matchup would seem to be a natural fit, but according to Dem chair Chris Redfern, Space, like Boccieri, is looking at the 6th and 16th districts, too. Wilson vs. Johnson, Boccieri vs. Renacci, and Space vs. Gibbs would certainly seem to make the most sense, since those would all be rematches. But wait! There's still yet a further complication, which is that Rep. Betty Sutton, who would get de-districted by this map, is thinking about runs against either Gibbs or Renacci. So there isn't room for all four Democrats to take on a Republican, unless Space goes after Steve Stivers, who inherited a chunk of Space's old 18th CD. Got all that?

The Republicans and their Tea Party wing are just not interested in getting people back to work.  We need some action on jobs, not the ideological b.s. that has been coming from the Republicans and their T.P.ers (tea partiers).  It is time to bring back a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate in order to get this country moving.  As long as the GOP and their T.P.ers keep  (a) catering to their far right extremist base, (b) collecting contributions from the Koch Brothers & banks, (c) keep buying expensive wine (see Politico) instead of buying into full employment, nothing will be accomplished.


Vote NO on Issue 2.

Stand up for the people in your community who have provided you with safety, security, education, and vital services.