Thursday, February 28, 2013


Many people would be shocked to learn about the plight of teachers in Philadelphia, PA. Teachers in Philly could go on strike because of what has been offered to them in a new contract.

Kristen Graham has some of the details at Philly:

First, the financials - as already reported, pay cuts 13 percent for those who make $55,000 and above, with lesser cuts for those who earn less.  (Employees who make under $25,000 would take a 5 percent cut.)

But there would also be benefit givebacks.  Teachers and other Philadelphia Federation of Teachers members who are paid over $55k would have to pay 13 percent toward their benefits, and so on - same percentages as the pay cut.....

....Seniority would be eliminated....

It is no surprise that Michelle Rhee has visited Philadelphia and has been working with the Philadelphia school district.

Gov. Kasich is one of those conservatives that worships Rhee's "experience" in education. Rhee has won the hearts of conservatives who want to eliminate teacher unions, pay scales, and public schools. Hopefully, teachers, and the people of Ohio will stop any of these stupid conservative ideas "reforms" from being used in our state. Kasich has already hinted at some changes in education (see Dispatch). Since a majority of the teachers in Ohio are females, any attack on the teaching profession should be viewed as an attack on educated, knowledgeable women.  

Teachers should prepare for anything from Gov. Kasich. How can we ever forget his lack of respect for teachers? (See C&L, Plunderbund, Clevescene, etc.)