Tuesday, February 05, 2013

It Begins

* The new budget proposed by Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich will hurt us even more.

According to Policy Matters Ohio, Kasich’s first budget stole ONE BILLION DOLLARS from local governments – much of it from the Local Government Fund (LGF).....

....Governor Strickland’s 2010/2011 budget provided over $1.3 Billion to the LGF – money that had long been used by local communities to pay for vital services like police and fire.

Kasich’s first budget reduced that to $942 million.  His new budget proposal would further reduce it to just $740 million.  (see page D-503)...

Cuts to police and fire, endangers our lives and our communities.

Did Republican Rep. Eric Cantor plagiarize President Obama's speech?  It certainly sounded like it!  Politicsusa has the comparison. MSNBC has the video: 

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* The dumping of toxic chemicals has happened again.


A Valley lawmaker is demanding answers to important questions, after tens of thousands of gallons of oil and oilfield waste are dumped into a storm drain. Waste that has now found its way into the Mahoning River.

On Monday, the EPA and Ohio Department of Natural Resources continued directing the containment and clean-up. 

State Representative Bob Hagan says it's now estimated that up to 40,000 gallons of oil and oilfield waste has been dumped into a storm drain at 2761 Salt Springs Road. Property owned by D&L Energy.....

Ohio's environment will never be the same now that the drilling and dumping has started.