Sunday, February 03, 2013

"...teach two or three classes (at the same time).."

This past week, Gov. Kasich revealed his plan in "reforming" education in Ohio.
 Columbus Dispatch----

...At Cincinnati’s Taft Information Technology High School yesterday, Kasich confirmed that the $300 million “Straight-A Fund” within his two-year, $15.1 billion education plan was what he was referring to last month when he said school districts would have more flexibility to incentivize teacher pay.

But the Straight-A Fund is a one-time pool of money over the next two years to incentivize schools to improve education and lower costs. So how could a district add pay boosters for teachers and reduce costs in the same Straight-A-Fund proposal?

“For example, you could pay a really quality teacher to teach two or three classes (at the same time), which really saves you money and yet rewards a teacher who’s really excellent,” Kasich said yesterday....

This is just impossible to forget. If I'm a really highly-qualified teacher, I could get an extra $100/year to teach classes of 75-90 students? How is that a reward?

Kasich was an instructor at Ohio State for a few years where he collected $50,000/year for one to two hours of work per month. He had his buddy serve as his assistant. Now compare that to the real world where there are 25 to 30 students in a classroom. The governor wants the "highly qualified" teachers to teach 2-3 classes at the same time. Will the governor be grading papers for those 75-90 students?

Teachers across Ohio need to let Kasich and his corporate charter school buddies know that they are clueless about education.