Sunday, March 03, 2013

Crazy Ohio Republicans

Plunderbund has news about some Ohio Republicans that plan legislation that is obviously against the U.S. Constitution.


We’re hearing State Rep Ron Hood is is preparing to introduce a version of Kris Jordan’s crazy, anti-law enforcement, unconstitutional gun bill in the Ohio House.

The bill would make it a first degree felony for any law enforcement officer – local, state or federal – to enforce a law that required Ohioans to register a firearm.

The Ohio FOP called the bill “grandstanding” and blatantly unconstitutional.....

Read the entire post at Plunderbund.


>>> With Gov. John Kasich's budget plan now being examined in the Ohio General Assembly, Ohioans want to know how they would get hit with taxes, and cuts.  The Vindicator explains:

....Included in Kasich’s most recent budget is a proposal to “broaden the sales tax base” and impose taxes on hundreds — if not thousands — of products and services not previously subject to Ohio’s sales tax....

....Of course, Kasich made plenty of promises about how he’d fix everything in the future as he unveiled a new school funding plan. And many superintendents took the governor at his word and believed him. But as the facts about the governor’s education funding plan were released, goodwill turned to pessimism as school administrators began to realize they’d been misled again.

The governor claims he’s fixed Ohio’s school funding formula, and that his state budget will help schools and citizens across our state. So what’s to believe? When in doubt, trust the numbers. Mahoning County schools will continue to receive less money for our children than they did before Gov. Kasich took office. And under Kasich’s tax plan, people making less than $51,000 a year will end up paying more in taxes than they do today.

I guess that explains why some people are using "Taxin' John" as Gov. Kasich new nickname.