Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ohioans Against Kasich's Budget

> Ohioans are not very happy about Gov. John Kasich's new budget. As a matter of fact, a majority of Ohio are against it, according to a poll just released by Innovation Ohio:

...Among the poll’s key findings are:
  • 60% of Ohioans say public schools need more state funding to improve; 59% say Ohio is doing too little to improve the quality of public education
  • 62% say helping localities fund schools, fire and police is more important to them than reducing the state income tax
  • 62% favor raising Ohio’s severance tax on oil and natural gas to the Texas rate —and using the money to offset state budget cuts to local governments
  • 74% favor a plan to create tax incentives for energy companies to hire Ohio workers
  • 57% oppose borrowing against future Ohio Turnpike tolls in order to fund road, bridge and other infrastructure projects now...

Since Kasich doesn't care what Ohioans think, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next few months. I urge every Ohioan to call your members of the Ohio Senate and Ohio House and voice your opposition to this incredibly unfair budget.  If you are against having new school levies at every election, you should oppose this budget. If you are against more privatization, and more tax cuts for the wealthy, you must oppose the Kasich budget.

>  Did you know that both Republican Rep. Steve Stivers and Sen. Rob Portman are endorsed by the NRA? Any candidate supported by the NRA and their spokesman, is not a friend of mine.