Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kasich's Budget Hurts

While some in Ohio are happy about the prospect of Gov. John Kasich lowering state income tax, a majority of people will notice that there are some ugly details in the new budget.

No matter what John Kasich may say, a majority of school districts in Ohio will not receive an increase in state funding. Kasich had cut education funding in his first budget, and now some will get nothing additional.

Here is the list that provides the amount of money that will be provided to each school district. Please note the last column provides the percentage of increase in funding:

Here are a few examples from the list:

...Cleveland Hts‐Univ Cleveland.......0% increase
Clinton‐Massie.......0% increase
Cloverleaf Local SD.......0% increase
Clyde‐Green Springs Ex Vill.......0% increase

Coldwater Ex Vill SD.......0% increase
College Corner Local SD.......0% increase...

Please keep in mind that Gov. Kasich has proposed (1) expanding the charter schools, and
(2) giving more money to charter schools, including extra money for facilities. Charter schools in Ohio are not helping students, but they are helping the corporate owners make huge profits. 

Can Ohio afford another term of John Kasich as governor? I know we can't.