Monday, February 11, 2013

The Trust Factor

People across Ohio are learning quickly that they cannot trust Gov. John Kasich. Kasich may have delivered an interesting speech in front of school leaders last week, but the truth always comes out eventually. Kasich will not improve funding to our schools.

Now newspapers across the state are reporting that a further examination of Kasich's education budget shows that richer school districts get more money, while poorer, more rural districts will see no increase in state money.  Here is a small list of Ohio media outlets that have revealed the ugly truth behind Kasich's school budget:

CantonRepository  FreemontNewsMessenger   PlainDealer  StowSentry  MarionStar 

AthensNews  ToledoBlade 

A news story from the PlainDealer indicates that Debe Terhar, President of the Ohio School Board, has not been removed from office.

Plain Dealer:

State school board President Debe Terhar retained her position today, after a vote by fellow board members on whether she should be removed over a recent Facebook post that seemed to compare President Barack Obama's gun control policies to Hitler. 

After hearing more than an hour of complaints about her post and statements in support of her, only six board members voted to remove Terhar as president, with 10 voting to keep her. Board member Mary Rose Oakar, of Cleveland, was the only Northeast Ohio representative who voted for Terhar's removal....

Terhar's future actions will be monitored by many people in Ohio as she and our governor try to destroy our public schools and build up charters.