Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Republicans MUST Do More

I stand with President Obama.


President Barack Obama used his State of the Union address on Tuesday night to try to push past the fiscal battles that plagued his first term - and still threaten his second - as he laid out an agenda he hopes will shape his legacy.

Obama's overarching message was that other things matter beside the Republicans' seemingly all-consuming drive for deficit cutting, embodied in a looming showdown just three weeks away over automatic across-the-board spending cuts.

Those other things, he told Congress, include some traditionally liberal causes, like raising the federal minimum wage and pursuing climate initiatives, and some that have gained bipartisan support, such as immigration reform and curbing gun violence....

Republicans MUST do more than.....

...harp about the deficit when they know that Bush's wars and tax cuts caused it. about businesses, and yet forget about unemployed/underemployed people.

....condemn every word that comes out of the President's mouth. Social Security and Medicare for cuts, while protecting the wealthy.

....worship Ayn Rand, Karl Rove, and other egotistical loons.

....try to push women back to the Dark Ages, on work issues and reproductive rights.

....block nominees, judges, and other appointments.

.....go on Fox News and preach to their sheeple. about supporting our troops, while they cut programs for veterans, and military families.

....delay, delay, and delay doing any work.

The Republicans cannot sit around on their fat wallets and do nothing. We're sick of it!

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>>>>>>  How can I describe Marco Rubio's speech?

...sophomoric, a repeat of GOP talking points, not much.....
Marco Rubio's water-drinking will not be forgotten.

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