Thursday, February 21, 2013

GOP Losing Public Support

>>> It had to happen. The Republicans are losing even more in the public opinion arena.


President Barack Obama has a public opinion edge on the GOP as he charts out his second term and delves into yet another fiscal showdown, a Pew/USA Today poll released Thursday finds.

The debate over the sequester has drawn less attention than previous negotiations over the "fiscal cliff," and Americans are more willing this time to see automatic cuts go into effect. One constant, however, remains: Should the negotiations fail, Congress is poised to shoulder most of the blame. Nearly half of Americans said Republicans in Congress would be at fault if a deal isn't struck, while fewer than a third said Obama would be.....

....Obama's post-election bounce in job approval has largely held, but a near-record two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Republican leaders. While 88 percent of Democrats support the president, Republicans are evenly split on whether their party's officials are doing a good job. The president is favored over the congressional GOP by wide margins on immigration and climate change, and, to a lesser extent, on gun policies and the budget deficit....

Since we know that the idea of sequester was John Boehner's plan, the entire blame for this economic disaster should be placed at his feet and the entire Republican caucus. The Republicans in the House and the Senate would rather stop every Obama proposal than work with him to increase employment. In the end, the entire Republican Party looks like a bunch of buffoons with their crazed Tea Party wing leading them into the abyss.